Any advice to get my quant to a 45+, I'm thinking about going through Manhattan GMAT again, I did Knewton (subscription expired), I am doing Magoosh. Is there anything else, I have Sackmann's book, but it is painful to get through.

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You gotta get through sackmann's book as well as his 1,000 problem challenge set. For someone getting only 41 though, you probably need his 1,800 problems fundamental set. I know it sucks, but you gotta put in the effort to get 48+ quant. No pain, no glory.


Step 1: Go through your books to build up a knowledge base.

Step 2: Go through official problems and connect what you learned from the books with the materials. Develop a strategy to tackle each subset of question.

Step 3: Take practice test and examine the areas you are weak or slow in. Go back to Step 1 for those problem types.

Step 4: Profit!


Any advice to get my quant to a 45+

Sure. Try answering more questions correctly. Or conversely, try answering less questions incorrectly. Either route should take you to where you desire to go.


I wouldn't recommend going through Manhattan GMAT classes if that was what you were referring to. You should find the 8 Manhattan GMAT Prep Books and internalize all of the concepts. The best way to do the problems is to find the most effective way to solve the problems and the books really help with that.


You're scoring in the 41 there's no reason to study any of the advanced concepts, MGMT series should be enough. You need to focus on understanding and applying the basics consistently and efficiently; if you can do this effectively you'll probably find yourself 45-47 range. No need to study the advanced stuff if you can't do the basics b/c you won't see a 700-800 level question on a CAT unless you can solve the 500-600 and 600-700 level questions.

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Hey futurectdoc,

My first GMAT try, I skimmed over OG, and managed to get a q39. For 3 months, from August to the end of October, I plowed through MGMAT's 8 volume set. When I got my MGMAT CAT results, I was quite upset. got a q40. Did another to see if it was a fluke, and no, q40.

Then a friend recommended me Sackmann's Total GMAT Math. I have been going through every chapter of this book until I absolutely understand how to do every single practice and challenge problem. It is extremely painful, but this book is amazing. Just two hours ago, I took another CAT, and lord behold, a q48 popped up on my screen. (And MGMAT CATs are notorious for being harder than the real GMAT when it comes to quant). It has been 3 weeks, 1 hour on weekdays, 10 hours on the weekend. Quant jump from 39 to 48.

As other people have said, no pain, no gain. But you're a smart guy, I'm sure if you pound Jeff's knowledge and tactics into your head, you'll crank out a q45+ easily.

TGM teaches you the basics, helps you practice, and challenges your understanding all in one sitting. Amazing book.

The 1000 and 1800 questions sets are extremely helpful as well, I have them in my possession so if you'd like, just PM me and i'll email them to you.

Good luck on your studies.

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