Hello, I am considering applying for this opportunity. I am currently working in a financial reporting capacity for the investment management division of a F500 company. I have been accepted to Kellogg and Fuqua's MBA programs for 2013, but why spend 100k if I don't need to?

Can anyone tell me about this position? How is the culture of GS in SLC? Is this considered middle office? Do you think there would be future opportunity to make it to the FO? Anyone know about compensation? Thanks.

Job Summary & Responsibilities
AIMS Risk Management and Analytics
Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) delivers innovative investment solutions through a global, multi-product platform that offers clients the advantages that come with working with a large firm, while maintaining the benefits of a boutique. GSAM is one of the pre-eminent investment management organizations globally. Critical to the success of GSAM is our ability to leverage a global team of talented professionals to define solutions and lead change across the operational infrastructure.

AIMS: Alternative Investments & Manager Selection
The Alternative Investments & Manager Selection (AIMS) Group provides investors with investment and advisory solutions, across leading hedge fund managers, private equity funds, real estate managers, and traditional long-only managers. The AIMS Group manages globally diversified programs, targeted sector-specific strategies, customized portfolios, and a range of advisory services. Our investors access opportunities through new fund commitments, fund-of-fund investments, strategic partnerships, secondary-market investments, co-investments, and seed-capital investments. With over 250 professionals across 10 offices around the world, the AIMS Group provides manager diligence, portfolio construction, risk management, and liquidity solutions to investors, drawing on Goldman Sachs' market insights and risk management expertise. We extend these global capabilities to the world's leading sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, governments, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, and family offices, for which we invest or advise on over $100 bn of alternative investments and traditional long-only managers through the AIMS Hedge Fund Strategies, AIMS Private Equity Group, AIMS Real Estate Investment Group, and AIMS Global Manager Strategies programs.

Principal Responsibilities:
* Produce analyses on portfolio related to performance, exposure and concentrations, diversification, etc.
* Participate in capital management of funds through involvement in LP capital call and distribution process, determination of investment allocations, credit facility management, and cash forecasting
* Conduct operational due diligence on private equity managers
* Facilitate closings of investment transactions and onboard new investments onto PEG platform and systems
* Respond to requests from senior management and clients relating to funds and portfolio

Basic Qualifications
*Bachelors degree
*3-5+ years of applicable experience

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I know a couple kids that went to Goldman GIR and OPs SLC out of undergrad--they say they like it in Utah, but they're the types that would never admit it even if they hated it. Honestly probably depends on the type of person you are. I personally couldn't do it, I don't trust people that don't drink and there're quite a few of em out there.

Risk management is middle office. The job sounds pretty quant heavy, as most risk management roles tend to be. I'm actually acquaintances with Goldman's former head of Risk Management in nyc, and he's one of the smartest people I've met, for what that's worth... No idea about FO opportunities, if that's what you're looking for though. I can't recommend anything, all I can say is I know only one person who has made the move from Goldman SLC to NYC in the past two years, and he was in a research role.

Financial Modeling


I actually don't drink either (not for religious reasons, I'm just a fitness freak) and from what I've seen, Utah is beautiful outdoors. So I think for me the location is good. I have absolutely no desire to live in NYC. I am looking for something very challenging do this sounds fun. Are the hours banking hours or market hours? Any idea of the comp range?


It doesn't sound like this would be market hours, I would estimate 60-70 hours a week depending on how busy your group is. There is a lot to do outdoors in Utah. Park City is forty five minutes away, Moab is pretty incredible as well. My guess on the pay would be $60-75k + bonus, which I might estimate to be 20-30%. Again, that's just industry norm for Risk Management, I have no idea how much it varies by region. You can ask those sorts of questions in interviews though, especially if you're speaking with HR.

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