Goldman Sachs GIR Interview Paused after superday, true or excuse?

Hi everyone, I interviewed with GS GIR (Campus Recruiting, Batch of 2021, Hong Kong) recently, and I have already had 3rd interview with the global management. However, I received the email that the interview process is paused by the team due to the peak season by HR, I don't know whether it is the excuse of no headcount or the situation is real? ( I asked the HR 3 times after the final interview, the first 2 times she replied me that the application is under review, and the last one told me the pause, besides the final one is about more than 4 weeks after the final interview) 

Hope some insiders and anyone who knows the info could share some advice, thank you for your help!

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Oct 12, 2021 - 4:51am

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