Graduating without a job offer

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Looks like I will be graduating without anything lined up. I have a family connection to a large brokerage and may possibly be able to land an appraisal role there, but not going to rely on that since nothing is set in stone. Anyway, what should I be doing this summer? My plan is to:

1) Get certified in ARGUS. I know it is expensive and I know there are mixed opinions on if it is necessary, but I am coming from a non-CRE background with no prior relevant internships. I'm doing this to a) show interest and b) gain some experience. Also get certified in REFM 1-3, since I already have the courses.

2) Network heavily. Cold emails and coffee meet ups. I did not network much this semester since I'm hours away from my home city and had an intense work load; am now regretting that decision. Would love some networking advise if anyone has any.

3) Study technical interview questions. I went into an interview the other day with a SMD whom I had briefly met prior (was at his office for an ARGUS training), and was not expecting to be asked some of the technicals he threw at me. I answered them, but I could tell my answers were not as detailed as he was hoping for.

Would like to hear yalls feedback if there is anything else I am missing, or any experience with graduating without a position lined up. Also, if anyone is willing to review my resume, that'd be awesome. Thanks.