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Taking GRE, programs I like require it in many cases. It just makes sense for me. What is the recipe? Before dropping a bunch of cash on kaplan and other test prep materials/programs I am looking to hear what you have to say about the best possible recipe for getting a respectable score. KAP/MAG/Manhattan/Princeton etc...what is the way ? Cant buy them all, but looking for a workable recipe to get the job done with as little material as is needed. Looking forward to hearing, thanks!

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Jun 13, 2018

When studying for the GRE, I found the official books and Magoosh to give you the most value for your money. Additionally, I got the 5lb. book of practise questions plus a couple of themed practise books (for the practise test codes) from Manhattan prep. Add some free sources/info on top of that and it did the job pretty well for me for I think less than a 100 bucks, if I remember right.

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Jun 13, 2018

MANY THANKS ! Seems like a workable method, let me know what you think of this simple stack:

-Magoosh program ($149)
-GRE Qbank ($69) (tons of questions and online tests)
-Manhattan 5lb book practice questions
-Office GRE book

Think that would cover it ?

Jun 15, 2018

Seems good to me. During your prep, if you feel like you need more material, you can still get it. DeltaDecay mentioned a lot of good free resources.

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Jun 13, 2018

4 month's guide to GRE:

15 days: Decide on your score. Research on your target schools and get an idea of their cut off. they wont mention it specifically but look into their class profiles. Also take the GRE paper test or the ETS PowerPrep to get an idea of where you stand.

1st month: Finish Manhattan strategy guides of Quants and Verbal (all 15 books I mean). It is possible to do so. Download codecoax from GitHub and practice 3 RC from it each day and time yourself (timing strategy is given in the Manhattan Strategy guides). This is every important as it is has GMAT level RC. At first the results will be bad but you'll improve over a month.

2nd month: Finish Princeton 1041 Question. Do all verbal and quants questions presented in it. The book has a lot of typo errors. But if you can look past them the book is solid and will give you good practice.

3rd month: Finish the entire Quants section of Manhattan 5lb book. You need to do this book to get a 160+ score in the GRE. The practice that you get from Princeton will be honed as you do this book. You'll get much better and faster at your Quants. You can do the verbal section as well but in my opinion its not very good. GRE verbal is context based while Manhattan 5lb verbal goes for difficult and arcane words. Still practice is practice. Do not do the RC section since its S***. Do Powerscore GMAT RC Bible. This will prepare you even for the most difficult RC questions out there.

15 days before exam: Mocks Mocks Mocks. Give Manhattan Mocks. Buy their test series. It is the best mock material out there. Also a lot of free materials are out there. You can give them as well. Start from AWA and finish the entire 4 hrs exam while timing yourself. This will help you time much better. Maintain a correction notebook and after each exam see where you went wrong and note them down. Practice them on your own after the exam and again the next day.

6 days before exam: Give the 2 GRE paper tests first, 1 on each day and correct yourself. then give the ETS Powerprep Exam 1 on each day. It's said your actual score will be +/- 4 from what you get in the ETS PowerPrep.

2 days before exam: Revise all your materials thoroughly. Go over what mistakes you have made. If needed practice them again because trust me one of those questions will definitely pop up in the exam.

Day of Exam: Be chill and go for it.

Now in the GRE the difficult section is verbal. Use the following wordlists: Manhattan 900 essential wordlist, Manhattan 900 advanced wordlist and Barron 333 high frequency words. Start with your word list from the 1st day itself. Do anywhere between 30 to 70 words each day. Every morning the first thing you should do is revise the words you studied the previous day. You'll finsih all the words within 1 - 2 months. After than just revise them each morning until you start taking the mocks. (If you dont want to do them separately there's a Magoosh App with a similar word count. Do that. But I preferred writing it down since it helps in retention)

Also during the 4 months each day read an article from . It will prepare you to read the dry RC passages of the GRE (truthfully speaking I did not do it but it is recommended)

Now you might say all this is going to cost a lot. NO. You'll get pdf of all the above materials online for free. The only materials that I will suggest you buy is: GRE Official Guide (optional: GRE official guide for verbal, GRE official guide for quants) and the Manhattan Test Series. All the word lists can be found on .

Will it work? I think yes. When I started my GRE score was 298. When I gave the GRE I got 330. I posted this guide on a different forum and a person reached out to me saying she got 334 following it.

All the best to you.

Jun 13, 2018

Hey, my friends have found studying for GRE much easier with a study partner. They found the study partners through I hope you find this tip useful! :)

Jul 9, 2018