Growth Equity --> HF?

Have SBs. Incoming SA / AN at a top GE shop (GA / TA / Summit / Insight). I know traditionally top HFs poach MF/UMM buyout private equity associates, but wondering to what degree people have seen the transition happen from top GE to reputable HF

Tech is obviously becoming a larger piece of the pie of the universe of investable assets, and I feel like it could be a valuable skillset to see such a high volume of investments in their fastest-growing and scaling years.

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Interested in this as well. 

No idea the actual answer but would be interesting to see the comparison between someone who did analyst stint in TMT IBD and then transitioned to top tier GE -> HF vs analyst at GE -> HF.

If I were to guess, the person who did IB -> GE could probably go HF where as the person who did analyst at GE would have a harder time due to less technical work (analysts in GE all focus on sourcing).

gangstabanka, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Also interested on the prospects of HF from GE Analyst position, especially at a firm that is not a sourcing shop.

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Obviously possible on the privates side of some of these funds.

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