Growth equity straight out of undergrad if I want to exit into tech/not exactly sure what I want to IB offers

I'm a senior with no IB offers because I discovered my interest incredibly late. I currently have a growth equity analyst offer at a pretty new firm with some solid deals, but I'm debating between taking it or staying another semester to go through IB recruiting. Given my GPA, school, and the fact that I secured interviews at some top/solid firms with 0 networking and no finance experience, I think I would have a solid shot at landing an offer should I decide to stay as I would have time to properly network and prepare for interviews. It's tough because I don't want to stay, but if it will pay off in the long term then maybe I should. I probably don't want to stay in finance in the long term, but I might be interested in exiting to tech as a PM, or pursuing something completely different. Given that I'm not certain of my goals, should I just turn down the offer and stay another semester?


Would it be possible to try to move from GE to IB? From the little information I was able to find, it sounds like that would be a tough move. Thanks!

p.s. I've read some other threads about going into GE straight out of UG, but they were about choosing between GE & IB, not between GE and staying another semester, which is what I'm trying to figure out. 

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soundsaboutright181, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I don't know that there is a downside. It's just that I've seen a lot of people talk about how IB offers flexible exit opps for people who ultimately decide to leave finance, but GE, like PE, might pigeonhole you. I mean, what if I decide to take a completely different path, like consulting or corporate strategy? I'm not saying I will, but I just want a broad array of options. If I were choosing between IB and GE, I would go with IB, but that's not where I am at the moment, and I'm having trouble figuring out if it's worth turning down the GE offer and instead pursuing another semester to try seriously for IB given my goals. The comp is similar, the WLB sounds better, but I'm much more excited by the idea of an IB analyst role. I hate cold calls. But I just don't know if it would be stupid to turn down a 6-figure offer given my alternative is staying in school. I can afford to give up the salary (at least for right now), but would I be an idiot for doing so---again, given my goals. 

tds2006, what's your opinion? Comment below:

In my opinion, you would be silly to delay graduation to try to get into IB again. If for some reason you want to move into IB afterwards (I think consulting firms and tech company strategy teams would be at least as interested in someone from GE vs. IB), I think it will be easy to get interviews in a TMT group or whatever.

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Anonymous Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

The FT market is less competitive

famejranc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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