Happy White Male CEO Virtue Signalling Day

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Many of us work at companies that refer to it as "International Women's Day," but I think this was a great success for old cracker CEOs whose objective was to spam the company website with #balanceforbetter hashtags and look good for the diversity website rankings this year.

Personally, I am inspired that every woman contact on my LinkedIn shared the same Lady Gaga Oscar acceptance speech and really stuck it to some old boyfriend.

Sarcasm aside, I have daughters and I'm glad they'll have more opportunities and not put up with some of the crap my grandmothers dealt with in the workplace, and all of that. But as with everything, the Women's Day was overdone and obnoxious, and I think the white male executives had a little too much fun showing how woke they are. Without, you know, doing much substantive work within their companies, which would not be worthy of self-congratulation in the first place.

It's probably my fault, I'm the one reading my LinkedIn feed. There's really no good reason to do that.

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Mar 9, 2019

Incel bait

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Mar 9, 2019