Harvard 2+2 / Stanford GSB Deferred Chances

Hi guys,

Do you think I have a shot for Harvard 2+2 or the Stanford GSB Deferral Program or should I just apply after 2-4 years of work experience?

I am a URM male from a top non-Ivy (Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins) with a 3.8 GPA studying history. Work experience includes one summer at a education startup in France, one summer at a mid-tier BB in IBD, and one summer in IB at a top EB (EVR/PJT). My GMAT score is 740. My extracurricular activities mostly relate to education and include volunteering, research, and working with well-recognized non-profits.

Goal is to do two years of IB/Consulting, two years of Teach for America, and then use business school as a platform to do strategy for a fast-growing educational startup.

I am worried that my background in IB is a deal breaker.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

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Nov 25, 2019 - 3:50pm

Both those programs are crapshoots for just about anybody. Those programs are more competitive than the regular MBA and you will need to have flawless applications. Your GMAT score is high, but keep in mind avg GMAT will be higher in your pool than what the school lists aa an overall avg. 750+ is ideal for these programs and a quant score below 50 is probably gonna look bad, but if you don't think you can pull off 750+, spend your time visiting the schools, sign up for online webinars, reach out to students who have gone through those programs, and look at the profiles of other candidates who were accepted to see how you stand. When I visited HBS, my tour guide was an ex-Navy seal who once commanded a nuclear sub while studying for the GMAT and built schools in Africa with his bare hands in his free time and helped stop Thanos from destroying the universe. Literally Captain America was my host so I wasn't surprised when I got dinged. The guys and gals who attend HBS or Stanford GSB are in another class. The next 15 ranked schools are more or less the same crowd imo, not much of a distinction between a Wharton grad and a Ross or Kellogg grad, but the gap between a Ross or Kellogg person and an HBS student will be evident.

Nov 25, 2019 - 10:00pm

Agree wIth the comment above. If I were you, I'd save the time/money and would just apply in the traditional mba process when you are ready. With your background and experience, you'll have a great chance at HBS/GSB after you get some work experience.

You're on a great, but traditional path. Not really what these deferred admission programs are seeking

Also, feel free to PM me if you have specific questions - I have some experience with those programs

Nov 26, 2019 - 4:52pm

Agreed that these programs are a crapshoot for anyone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. On the contrary, what's the downside? You've already taken the GMAT, the application is ~$100 and now all you have to do is write the essays (which I personally found a great introspective and valuable process in it of itself). IMO there's very limited downside to applying, but potentially huge upside if you get in.

Source: I'm a white male from a non-target who had interned at MBB and had a very IB/MBB background and I got into HBS 2+2 with a 740 GMAT

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