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I have a set of jobs that are not HBS favorites (no big name I-bank, consulting firms, fortune 500). I have a high LSAT, GMAT and GPA. Given my weak set of jobs, will I have a better chance to get in Harvard as a JD/MBA, versus MBA candidate?

My goal is to go into finance or consulting after JD/MBA.

I'm considering JD/MBA for 4 reasons:
1. JD is a more solid training in analytical and critical thinking skills.
2. JD in combination with MBA may allow me to rise faster to senior management positions.
3. I like cross-border M&A. I think JD could be helpful in introducing me to the "anatomy of a deal."
4. I doubt I can get in with my weak set of jobs applying to HBS. I have an assumption (which may or may not be right) that JD/MBA can get in with weaker work experience compared to MBA candidates.

My work experience is okay (analyst at a boutique finance firm and an operational role at a startup). My scores are good enough for Harvard. My main concern is the competitiveness of my work experience for HBS. I'm competing with I-bankers, consultants, and private equity candidates from top firms.

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Jul 6, 2014

Why not just do the JD? BigLaw pays extremely well and Harvard Law is heavily recruited.

Jul 6, 2014

Either go JD or go MBA don't do both. What are your jobs and overall profile? If you really want M&A I'd look at other top b schools instead. I don't think the added expense is worth it.

Jul 7, 2014