Haven’t heard back from Superday

Hey guys. I had a superday on Monday at an EB. I already have an offer at a BB that was set to expire yesterday, but I was able to get a few days extension. The EB is well aware of the fact that I have an offer set to expire Tuesday (they don't know that I was able to get an extension btw, no contact with me) and from the very beginning of the process said they would try and accommodate me and expedite the process because of my BB offer. They know the offer expires Tuesday and said they would let me know where I stand. After the interview, they said they would be in touch shortly. I thought the interview went very well and it seemed very positive, but haven't heard anything back since.

I'm under the impression that if a bank really wants you, they let you know rather quick, but is it a fair assumption to make that since I haven't heard anything, they're not interested? I was thinking that if they weren't going to consider me, they were going to get back to me quickly and tell me to take the other offer since they weren't going to take me, but I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

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