HBS 2+2 Chances for IT-related BBA major?

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Hey guys,

I have applied to HBS 2+2 1st round and am waiting for the decision for the interview. I'm a bit OCD and wanted to ask around for my chances of getting the interview and ultimately, getting in.

My biggest concern is 2+2's emphasis in STEM programs. I was in business school but wanted to do some technology, and chose Information Tech Management as a major. This is mostly a statistics major added with some database structuring and compsci. The degree is still a BBA but a lot of schools also designate this as a BS major as well. I'm walking on a fine line between business and tech but want to be more recognized towards tech. That's my biggest concern and I want to ask you guys if this makes sense.

Here goes my info.

Age: 23
Ethnicity / Citizenship: Asian / S. Korea
Years in US: Started school in US when I first came to college (4th year)
HBS 2+2 Application round: Round 1

-Schools & Scores-
High School: Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (This is a prestigious Korean prep school that feeds into top US institutions)
College: University of Notre Dame, IN
Major: I.T. Management (Business Analytics Concentration)
Minor: Studio Art
GPA: 3.97 (Major GPA, Most likely to graduate as Summa, possibly win a award for highest GPA in ITM department)
GMAT: 730 (96th) / Quant 50 (88th) / Verbal 38 (85th) / IR 8 (92%) / AWA 6.0 (92%)

-Work Experience-
1. Deloitte Consulting: Business Technology Analyst Internship, did a CRM strategy & implementation work for a healthcare company
2. Military: Korean Army detachment to the United Nations Command. Squad leader in the Korean frontline. Final rank Sergeant
3. Teaching Assistant: Held a TA role ever since Spring semester of my sophomore year. Subjects include Application Development (Current), Business Intelligence, Process Analytics, and corporate finance
4. Research Assistant: Held a RA role ever since Fall semester of my Junior year in the management department. Work involved metadata analysis of various other researches.

1. Student International Business Council: Chief Operating Officer of the largest student club in Notre Dame (500+)
2. The Shirt Project: Vice President of the student organization that designs, builds, and sells the official apparel of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football.
3. Peer Mentor: Selected by the College of Business to be a representative of the ITM department and advised 10+ students on their academic / career path
4. Freelance artist: Did design work mainly in coordination with Indie Rock / Hip Hop artists. Online portfolio available

-Awards & Recognitions-
1. Beta Gamma Sigma: Honor society for business majors. Top 5% juniors in the business school are invited.
2. Indiana Collegiate Press Award: 3rd place, Photographic Illustrations. Awarded for a photograph published in the school literary & art magazine
3. PwC Challenge Tax Case competition: 1st place, University of Notre Dame Division

1. College professor who advised me throughout 4 years. He's a ITM department prof who taught me a class, and I TA-ed for him once as well.
2. Faculty advisor to the SIBC student club. I am working with her for past 8 months.
Both recommenders are expected to write very strong, positive recommendations. I left my internship supervisors out of any candidates, because none of them spent a consistent time with me (More than 5 weeks of my internship)

Outlines my ultimate dream of becoming a business/economic policymaker who will lay foundations for the Korean reunification. Brings in story from my Army experience, but it is more of introducing 'who I want to be' than 'what kind of person I was.' Purpose was to bring out some of the big-picture goal I am painting, as well as my aptitude in technology. Essay took 3+ months to carve out and refine.

Let me know of your honest thoughts! Thank you.

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Oct 4, 2015