HBS 2+2 Profile Evaluation

My best regards for everybody that cares to read and spend a little of his/her time to send me some advise in this important matter.

This is my academic profile:
I'm currently studying Civil Engineering in Mexico´s #1 university (in this particular carrer).
Current GPA of 4.0
Member of my University's Honor Program, where I'm researching Climate Change consequences in communities surrounding rivers in the northern part of Mexico.
I'm still 2 years short of graduation so I still don't have my gmat score (although I will be preparing for it shortly).

Extracurricular profile (2010-2017 span):
-High Performance Volleyball Athlete for 11 years.
-5 consecutive Junior National State Championships.
-3 consecutive National High School Championships (including the first one in my High School's history).
-2 consecutive National University Championships (including the first one in my University's history).
-5 Junior State Championship titles in the southern part of the U.S.
-2nd place at the U19 Panamerican FIVB World Championship Qualifier Tournament.
-2nd place at the U23 Panamerican FIVB World Championship Qualifier Tournament.
-13th place at the Boy's U19 FIVB World Championships.
-16th place at the Men's U21 FIVB World Championships.
-Recognized as the 10th best player in the World by stats at the U19 World Championship.
-Recognized as the best volleyball player in my state.
-Recognized as the best athlete in my University's Sports Program.
-Former team captain at:
-Middle School.
-High School.
-State Team.
-University (active).
-Mexican National Team.
-Currently teaching Math clasess at poor Primary Schools in Mexico.

I would appreciate your opinion (a lot) on my chances on entering a top B-school deferred MBA program in the U.S. such as the HBS's 2+2 and its Stanford and Yale equivalent.

Any advice of what I should be doing on improving my profile are kindly welcomed!

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Sep 30, 2017 - 8:23pm

21% of the class of 2020 is international. You seem like a good candidate for this position, for the following reasons (no particular order).

  1. Not a business major
  2. High level athlete
  3. Pristine GPA in STEM
    Median GMAT is 730 so study up.

This info is based on other threads and the webpage linked bellow.


“The only thing I know is that I know nothing, and i am no quite sure that i know that.” Socrates
Sep 30, 2017 - 8:36pm

jesus you're an accomplished guy. strong leadership skills. why are u so awesome.

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