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As the title states, I need some help identifying the headhunters that work with the relatively large-scale credit managers. I have experience helping run distressed, long/short, and CLO money with a high level of autonomy at a $1.5b-ish manager.

Im looking to move to a significantly larger platform, where I will have the opportunity to sit at the negotiating table and take controlling interests.

Who are the recruiting names I should know to find these relatively rare seats? Do they typically have distribution lists? Will they even talk to me if I send an unsolicited email?


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Jul 9, 2014

Robin Judson. If you are as senior as you claim to be, you will have shared connections on LinkedIn. I'd connect that way.

Jul 9, 2014

Not senior at all. Just fortunate in that I got a seat at a place where I was given a lot of opportunities to work on my own very early on.

Jul 9, 2014

Updating my own thread after recently speaking to a few of the larger presences.

For anyone else interested, some of the big names in this space are: Robin Judson, DSPNY, Search1, Glocap.

For Search1 I emailed directly, and the others had resume drops.

Would highly recommend you have a PA idea to talk about before calling.

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Sep 26, 2015