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I'm currently in the summer after my freshmen year at the University of Michigan interning at a mortgage bank.. hey, its a job!

anyway, im looking for some advice on a major decision i have to make by the end of this month. I applied to Ross this past year (I'm currently in LSA) and i will be hearing back from them on June 22nd. However, my second semester performance was absolutely terrible because of misguided priorities, etc etc, so my cumulative gpa for my first year came out to be a 3.2. So now, despite my heavy EC activities, my chances look pretty slim so i am faced with a decision.

if i don't get into Ross, i have narrowed my Michigan route down to a major in Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management. The problem with this is that i feel like i would have to work extremely hard to boost my gpa for a chance at IB. also, so far ive only covered calc 1 so this would mean a full course load, possibly extending to some summer work, which in turn would take away more resume building opportunities. The Michigan Econ major is likely to be flooded with Ross rejects this year and my impression after taking the basic micro/macro classes isnt that great.

My other option is to transfer to Michigan State this coming fall. I have already been accepted into Eli Broad, and i have contacted the director of their FMI scholars program and have been told that I will still be eligible. For those of you who dont know, the FMI scholars program at MSU accepts 10 students, give or take, their soph year from the eli broad school and hooks them up majorly with IB opportunities. I feel that if i do decide to transfer, i will do everything possible to get a 3.8+ and i am confident i can get in.

Regardless of whether i transfer, my mind is set on working hard, so if i stay in Michigan, there wont be any screwing around. The problem is really, do i have enough time to raise the gpa for internship time? My question is, if i dont get into Ross, should i stick it out with a Financial Math major or should i try my chances at MSU's FMI Schlar program.

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Jun 4, 2007

you've got plenty of time to pull up your gpa. you've got 2 years.

Jun 4, 2007

are you kidding? stay with umich. what the fuck is an eli broad?

Don't do math if you're not good at it. One of my friends is doing Econ at Michigan and has a 3.9 (he wants to go into law, so he never bothered to apply to Ross).. don't discount everyone in that major as a "Ross reject."

Jun 4, 2007

are you kidding? stay with umich. what the fuck is an eli broad?

Eli Broad is MSUs business school... 29 in the country I believe. I have no doubts you at least know who Eli Broad is.

Anyways, I am a student at MSU, and I must say that if you want to do banking stick with UofM. FMI is a great program, but its all based on networking with the few individuals on Wall Street from MSU. No big banks come on campus. You'll go to New York and Chicago with the FMI, and while there you have to really stand out because you are there with Broads best. Also, Eli Broads finance department is the biggest downfall of the entire business school. If it improved Broad would be probably top 20-25. But finance is sucking a huge one right now...

If you want to have an all around college experience such as parties, girls, the occasional riot or two (just kidding... but seriously), then there is no better place than MSU. Its a give and take situation. U of M for academics, MSU for enjoying your last years before hitting the "real world".

You can land banking no matter where you go, some places you just have to go more balls out than others.

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Jun 4, 2007

its true, i have a couple years to pick up the gpa, but it will be within LSA, not Ross. ok, assuming Ross doesnt give me something to smile about and i do well in pursuit of an econ major the next few years, I will be competing with all the Ross kids and Econ majors with higher gpas. its commonly believed on campus that the recruiters will be flipping through the resumes and only take the BBAs seriously, with the econ majors just feeding off the scraps.

is that honestly better than the FMI program?

Jun 4, 2007


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Jun 4, 2007
NY state of mind:

its commonly believed on campus that the recruiters will be flipping through the resumes and only take the BBAs seriously, with the econ majors just feeding off the scraps.

that's not true

Jun 5, 2007

I wouldn't discredit Broad too much. If you can find your niche in the BSchool at MSU it's a great place, but you're to have to put a little extra effort forth to do so. The Broad School accepts the majority of students that apply, so once you're in its not terribly difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd. There are tons of great student groups (FA, SIA) to join that will help you find your place. If you can get your GPA up there, 3.8ish you have a really good chance with the FMI scholars program. I go to MSU, and getting a 3.8ish isn't difficult especially when you are just beginning to start your business core classes sophomore year. While I agree UMich is the place to be if you want to land a IB position, but if you're not in Ross or doing some kind of quant degree it's going to be tough to get that BB analyst position. At UMich you are competing against academically higher caliber students. It's cut throat, so make sure you know what you're up against.

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Jun 5, 2007

Aakashn is right. Matter of fact Broad placed quite a few students on the street this year, FT and SA...
Then there is the fact that MSU is probably the greatest place in the world. I for one would never change my decision about going to MSU over any other school. Go Green!

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Jun 7, 2007

To the OP: Fall of junior year, at least for Michigan (and probably most other schools as well), is the last chance you get to bring up your GPA for a junior summer internship. Your winter term is for interviews, so by then your resume with an updated fall GPA should already be in. That being said, that's still a good 1.5 years to do it. Also remember that the summer internship isn't the only chance you have. You have another shot at FT positions. I know a ton of Ross kids who never got the summer analyst positions but ended up getting a full-time one. Even if you're not in Ross, you can still make it. And lastly, don't forget about graduating with a strong GPA for grad school and such.

Jun 9, 2007

I left UM lsa for MSU business. I was sort of in the same position as you only I was a Junior transfer to UM and could not apply to Ross. I had planned on majoring in Econ, but my math skills suck so I ended w/ a dual concentration in English/Soc. Ok, so I'm just going to list a bunch of stuff as it comes to me...

Reasons I left -
1) I need a job after school. Being a Soc/English major made me really nervous about finding a job after school. LSA advisers always tell you to take a business course or two and to convince an employer that you have comparable skills to Business majors; this sounded a little sketchy to me.

2) I like business, I don't care about society, or literature, or racism, social inequality blah blah blah that they push on you in LSA.

3) *NO 4th semester language req. YES!

4) My grades were suffering (3.25) I attributed this to concentrating in something I wasn't interested in.

5) I didn't like the open campus thing, too many wierdos/bums walking around campus and too many people throwing frisbies, protesting, trying to give me flyers and shouting on loudspeakers about the devil or jesus or whatever.

6) I didn't like the know-it-all students always trying to sound smart. I don't know why but everybody there just seemed snobbish, or they had that whole UM was my last choice but I didn't get into Harvard attitude.

-Looking back-
1) UM LSA has way better career people and academic advisers compared to the MSU COB, I'm assuming the MSU services for the general student body is even worse. It's not necessarily their fault, they just have a lot more students to deal with than LSA

2) UM has better resources, more info on website, CTools hands down a better system than Angel, better email, administration, student services etc.

3) Jimmy Johns is not close by at MSU nor is anything else.

4) The students at MSU seem a lot nicer, less rich, more normal.

5) I've always been able to get a computer at MSU, fuck the fishbowl.

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Jun 9, 2007
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