Houston Intern Housing Summer 2019 Thread

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Any advice on ways to go about finding short term housing in Houston for the summer? What sort of pricing is to be expected? Areas to avoid? And when to lock down a place by?

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Jan 22, 2019


Jan 22, 2019

For my summer internship I did Airbnb with a classmate in a two bedroom apartment. Was decently pricey for Houston, I think we each paid around $1,500 per month all-in (place was furnished, included cable, internet, A/C, etc).

Most of the interns at my bank lived in Midtown, Montrose, or Downtown.

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Mar 30, 2019

Anyone looking for a roommate for summer June-July?

Mar 30, 2019

Given that is will be summer, I would generally look around on various FB groups or craigslst for subleases in the area. Rice/Military should have some options as students go home for the summer. Same could be said about UofH however probably more local students (so less likely to sublease).

As for pricing, Houston is relatively cheap. Shouldnt expect to pay more than 1k for a one bedroom especially if it is subleased. I would try and stay within the inner loop (610). Anything outside of that could be a pain for commute. Heights, Midtown, Uptown are great areas to start. I would avoid east/northeast houston as it is known to be less-safe.

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May 10, 2019

Has anyone found a place and want to connect to talk about summer in Houston?

Jun 24, 2019