How bad is U of Toronto, Rottman Commerce for U.S. finance job market? Semi-target?

I guess I fucked up pretty bad and the best school I could get into is UofT rottman commerce in Canada as a U.S. student. I applied solely based on rankings, and got waitlisted at McGill and rejected from Queen's Commerce. Didn't bother with U.S. schools (stats weren't great), ED'd to Stern and got rejected. Anyways, I am interested in anything business and finance related, so I don't care too much about specific industry (consulting, IB, corp fin, etc.. ), mostly care about compensation. Does U of Toronto place well in literally any industry that has high comp in the U.S. market? Would it make sense for me to try to transfer after first semester/first year to the best U.S. school I can (t20?) ? My worry regarding transferring is losing the opportunity to build close relationships with college friends. Appreciate any support, thanks. 

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