How good is the Moelis LA office for PE exits nowadays??

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I hope to get to know everyone soon. I'm currently a sophomore doing some research for SA recruiting next year. My end goal is to work at the best PE shop that my abilities can get me to. And long story short, Moelis made quite a buzz at my school this year taking the top student at my school for its LA office for SA. I've used the search function but most of the comments on Moelis have been for the firm overall with some criticism on its pace of growth. But what I want to know is how good the LA office is, in terms of deal flow and PE exits? As I understand it the LA office is still quite lean since they only took 5-6 new analysts a year. And I was wondering if the presence of its senior guys and the UBS legacy has any effects at all in placing analysts.

Finally, how does it compare to CS LA?


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Feb 8, 2011

As with other elite boutiques like Lazard, Evercore, BX, etc., Moelis is supposed to have fantastic exit opps. They're newer than the other three I mentioned, but they're expanding rapidly and definitely hot shit at my school right now as well. I'm sure headhunters from the top PE firms will contact you so placement should be competitive with the other elite boutiques and top groups at BB's.

definitely better than CS LA

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  •  Feb 9, 2011

They were advertising the great placement into PE to me and my peers as well (said they sent at least one person to Blackstone, KKR, TPG, Carlyle, and Apollo in the last year). Not sure about LA, but I think New York only takes about 15 interns.

Feb 11, 2011

Thanks for the responses guys!

Does anyone else know where the analysts from Moelis LA placed this year? I read the thread from 09 where they placed amazingly, although some attributed that to the UBS LA legacy. Also, how's the deal flow nowadays??

Feb 11, 2011

there were few posts that talked about this in the past, i doubt that a lot has changed. phenomenal megafund placement still.

Feb 11, 2011

What I'd love to know is how good placement in buyside is for the London office.

Feb 11, 2011

not comparable to LA im sure, they are just starting up so there wont be a presence at megafunds yet. might come in the future but now its slim.

Feb 11, 2011

They are placing as good as you allow yourself to be placed in other words. YOU GET PLACED NOT THE BUILDING. or the name or the business card.

The answer to your question is 1) network 2) get involved 3) beef up your resume 4) repeat -happypantsmcgee

WSO is not your personal search function.

Feb 11, 2011