How is EY Parthenon viewed vs MBB

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EY Parthenon typically only hires from the top 10 MBA programs in the USA and a couple from EU, pay similar rates to MBB, how are the viewed in comparison to MBB? Are their exit opps similar or are they considered the similar to their main arm of EY?

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Jun 28, 2019

Parthenon is a well-respected firm and considered on par with Oliver Wyman, LEK, and Deloitte S&O in my opinion. For all these firms, they're a notch below MBB but will still give you an excellent experience with great exit ops. Definitely separate from the main arm of EY in my mind.

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Jun 29, 2019

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation, appreciate ya.


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Jun 30, 2019

broadly agree, but with the caveat that Parthenon (along with LEK) is a very different job from something like Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, ATK, Accenture Strategy, etc.

Parthenon and LEK are heavy on due dilligence (50%+ of cases), whereas the others above are more traditional strategy and operations consulting firms. While they do also sell corporate and business strategy consulting projects, the majority of the work will be on shorter, M&A-oriented cases (usually 2-5 weeks), with less travel and less client-facing time.

Although not as diverse as MBB or even some of the other T2s, the exit ops are strong. Most common are corporate development/corporate VC roles and then strategy & corporate finance teams at large organizations. Less common, but not unheard of, would be principle investing roles such at middle market PE or growth equity shops

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Jun 30, 2019

100% agree. Great add @Rondo12

Jul 1, 2019

So Parthenon and LEK has a heavier focus on the M&A, while a tier 2 focus is much more so on strategy. That makes sense.

So depending on career tract, if I was choosing between, say, Parthenon and Deloitte S&O which are on similar planes, Parthenon may lead to exits in M&A, which deloitte would lead to more strategy roles?


Jun 28, 2019

Good firm with a good reputation,but a notch below MBB. Pay is similar at the post-undergrad and post-MBA levels but after that MBB starts paying more and then significantly more than other firms.


Jul 1, 2019

They can be heavy DD and get recruited for PE. I'd say go for Software group - it's respected and pretty cool. TBH EY-P is either a breeze or a sweat shop from what I've heard lol

Jul 1, 2019

Going to just echo what everyone else here has stated: Parthenon is seen as being roughly on par with any of the other major T2 shops. Key differences are size (EY is big of course, but Parthenon specifically is a small group at about 1+k consultants, putting it at about the size of an LEK, significantly smaller than many other comparables like OW, ATK, and certainly a far cry from the likes of Deloitte S&O and any of MBB) and area of focus (historically big on Education and in DDs).

Also possibly of note is that Parthenon post-MBA comp is very heavily salary-weighted (~170-175k base, compared to ~150k base at most other places, tho MBB have upped theirs this past year). Bonuses are smaller so total comp is the same as other places.

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Jul 9, 2019

They have their own type of metric, like Bain's NPS, called Satisfaction (0/7)

Drives PE folks crazy

Jul 15, 2019

In a nutshell, "less than" MBB but each tier 2 firm has specific markets/functions where they tend to win work consistently vs. MBB are are generally on par. In Parthenon, that's their commercial/vendor due diligence work (primarily market assessments for PE) and their Healthcare practice.

This means that your work is heavily skewed towards one or both of those areas. Most exit ops at MBB are open to you, and you will be somewhat more competitive than other tier 2 (e.g. more on par with MBB), especially post-MBA, at exits in the niches identified due to the experience.

Comp takes a slightly different structure but all in will be generally at par until manager or above. It's lower at the partner level unless you are a top performer.

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Jul 19, 2019

I agree with most here:

  • EY-P is considered a cut above the Big 4 shops, but below MBB. It is their version of Deloitte's Monitor Deloitte group.
  • EY-P work is more DD weighted like LEK, as in more than 50% of the work is DD and the rest is growth strategy, etc. Very little integration / operational projects as they do not have the bodies to throw 20 people at a big project.
  • EY-P, like LEK pay very well bc of the heavy workload.
  • Exit ops are more weighted to the industries they are strong in and the roles are often corp strategy / corp dev & BD
Jul 23, 2019

(European View)

EY-P is viewed as a CDD shop mostly, and now where near Ronald Berger, S&, ATK or OW.
They might qualify as a T3 shop on paar with LEK, regional Boutiques and slightly above the likes of Big4 Consulting and Accenture Strategy.

MBB is three levels above at least, not even a comparison.

Aug 11, 2019

Yeah I wouldn't trust your opinion - especially if you think LEK is a T3 shop. EY-P is a solid T2 but definitely more specialized in DDs. Exit ops are more corp strat / M&A oriented and pay is a notch below MBB and other T2s due to the smaller bonus.

Jul 23, 2019