Assume I have no finance or accounting bg

How long will it take to study using BIWS or other similar programs to be sufficiently ready? Would those be enough as it is?

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you don't need biws for interviews. WSO technical guide and IB-Rosenbaum will suffice. Around 2 days I guess.

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Whats the difference between BIWS and WSO/Rosenbaum?


^I'm interested in that question as well.

Also, are Assessment Centers a requirement for every firm? Would these guides be enough for those or is that a whole other prep that I have to do?


Once you have prepared thoroughly (behavioral and technical) for one interview, it is not too laborious to prepare for subsequent interviews (just need to work on, "Why this firm").

To answer your specific question, a couple of days for tehnicals (finance undergrad), and as much time as possible for behavioral.

However, you do not have a finance background so it is hard to quantify.

Start early, do not be afraid... it is not that hard.

Good luck.

My posts will be fraught with grammatical errors since I post from my phone. I will try my best not to post an incoherent babble.


I disagree with 2 days. All valuation methods + DCF walkthrough, financial statements, and whatever other little tidbits the interviewers will ask you? This guy has no background in finance or accounting at all.


Assuming that this is for a SA analyst position, I would say 2-4 weeks. Usually SA interviews are during early spring semester, so I would just study over Christmas break. That is plenty of time to learn everything.

Although you should start earlier, so you can be better prepared.


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