How long until $1 trillion market cap?

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In 2012 we had this thread about whether Apple's market cap could hit $1 trillion. Last week I saw this article regarding the possibility of Amazon hitting $1 trillion. I personally think that a lot of the content on Marketwatch is clickbait, but the article poses an interesting point.

"I think Amazon is going to say to a series of households, 'Tell you what: You don't need any other retailer. We're it,'" Galloway says.
"The company is going to announce that those households are going to quintuple or sextuple in purchase volume, and the stock's going to become the first $1 trillion market cap company in the history of business."
Jeff Bezos & Co. have declared war on conventional brands, changed the relationship between a company and its shareholders, and deployed Alexa (its voice service/digital assistant) in clever ways.

I don't think that the development of Alexa or the implications of the current technology and infrastructure being developed by Amazon could/would/should cause the market cap to jump by more than double in the coming years, but I imagine that they would definitely help. What would it take for a company to hit $1 trillion market cap in the next few years? Could Amazon do it?

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Apr 24, 2017