How many years of work experience do i need pre-MBA for f500 roles?

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Hi all,

So I've been working for 3 years doing high-tech SaaS Business Development for IBM. I have one promotion under my belt. My GPA is good, a 3.82, from Claremont McKenna College. Major was English. Haven't officially taken the GMAT yet but practice tests are in the 730 range.

I want to get into as good a business school I can (M7/t15). But I'm not super interested in consulting or ibanking. I'm more interested in rotational programs or general management.

The thing is, Johnson & Johnson's rotational program requires 5 years of WE. Right now, I have 3 years of experience, which'd mean 4 at matriculation. Would I be fine, or would it be absolutely necessary for me to wait a year? I'd rather not wait if I don't have to, since I'm on the older side (about to turn 29).


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May 18, 2017

I think you'd be eligible for those jobs. I'm not sure that the work experience requirement is hard and fast with regard to post-MBA hires. Sounds like you'd have a good profile for the range of schools you're considering, and those schools will be good feeders to F500 programs.

May 21, 2017