How much money would you need to undergo castration/sterilization?

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Was listening to a podcast this morning about eugenics (from Greek "eu" meaning good / well and "genos" meaning race / species). Really interesting stuff and widely accepted by prominent scholars and politicians as late as the 1960s. Look up Cold Spring Harbor Labs in Long Island. (It's dangerous to use the values of today to judge actions of the past.)

But I digress. So today in some parts of rural India, women in very poor villages are being paid $10 USD to be sterilized. The govn't turns a blind eye to this, and when asked, defends that [the women] are being compensated.

I was thinking, what amount would it take for for a Western man to undergo voluntary sterilization?

Being the number geeks / quants / modeling fanatics you guys are here, surely, there has to be a model we can devise based on (but not limited to) factors such as :
- present value of the lifetime future expected earnings (assuming we seek wealth for eventual sex)
- the value of said individuals "joy" (i.e. economic utility) from procreation
- his current age (would be a negatively correlating factor)
- overall gene desirability/fitness as determined by a panel of fertile women

would be awesome to see a quant come up with a formal model of this.

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