I'm a 3.3 GPA/2230 SAT non-target UC rising junior with no financial experience.
I spent my first two years in school depressed and directionless. It sucked hard, but I went to oncampus therapy and ever since I've been trying to help myself get better.
I've currently taken my third year off, mostly because my dad is ill and
needs someone to help him in his business and health.

Anyways, it only just really hit me that I have no work ethic, small social skills, and no future. It also doesn't help that my excuses don't matter. So I wanted to take this year as an opportunity to explore myself and try to figure out a future, etc. ie: gain forward momentum. Besides learning more about my dad's work and condition, I've only taken up swimming, some local community college classes for business, and I plan to join a toastmaster's club or something. I still have a lot of time on my hands and I don't like that I'm not doing anything productive.

Recently, I've been researching finance, and I got interested. However, all I've done is spend time lurking these forums and other related sites, and I want to move beyond my last minute attitude of "oh, finance sounds pretty cool". Right now, and especially since I'm not in school, I don't have many people to turn to for advice.

So I wanted to ask anyone who is willing to help, on what I should do for the rest of the year. maybe I should start with a PWM internship?

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Try the OCR in your uni.
Cold call small boutiques for some internship opportunities.
What do you want to do? Investment banking?
PWM could be a good place for you to gain some exposure and to work your work ethic if you think you need to.
However, some PWM internships are not as beneficial as one might think - just to add on resume. It all depends on the branch office you are working at.

If you are talking about IB, try to read up on what IB is all about and what you are interested in. Cold calling right now is in my opinion your best bet. F500 could be your alternative options

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