How to best prepare for FP&A summer internship at Tech F500 company?

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I would like to make a great first impression and hit the ground running as to increase my chances of getting that coveted return offer. Some background info: I am a junior in semi-target majoring in Finance, the internship starts in about 2.5 months.

Also, should I reach out to the recruiter about next steps or something? The last communication we had was two weeks ago where I signed the online contract and we exchanged emails on how excited we were to move forward.


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Apr 4, 2017

Every company does things differently- there is no way to know exactly what your responsibilities will be until you get there. That said, the best thing you can do is to brush up on excel (vlookup, sumif, pivot tables, index & match, nestled "ifs"). The other thing that you can do is to read the company's 10k, and listen to their most recent earnings call. They'll have their Q1 earnings call before you start, so listen to that as well. That way you'll know what products/services are in the spotlight right now, you'll know where the majority of their revenue comes from, etc. Understanding the company as much as possible from the outside is probably the best thing you can do before starting.
I'd wait til the 4 week mark before following up. They're probably doing a background check, and those can take time.
In order to get that return offer:
1) When given an assignment, ask when they want it finished. That way, you can determine how to balance speed and accuracy. In my internship I struggled with this at first- I kept doing things too quickly and not carefully enough, thinking that they were pressing and needed to be finished. Other times I would take too long making something perfect and I'd realize that it was due and I wasn't ready. Always ask.
2) You're an intern- it's ok if you don't know shit. They expect that. Don't be afraid to always ask about anything you don't know- just make sure that you rarely ask the same question twice.
3) On your first day and in your first week, try to meet everyone you sit near. This will make a great first impression, and if you wait too long it gets really awkward.
Best of luck!

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Apr 4, 2017

Great advice, thanks so much!

Apr 11, 2018