How to Break in from "Non-target"?

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Throughout High School I've always not cared enough about school to try hard getting a 3.5 W, but Senior year is when I realized and ending up getting a 4.4 gpa with 4 ap 3 regular and am on track to get the same second semester. I have testings scores of 34 act, plan on getting a 36, and 780 Math 2 subject test.

I've been rejected from nearly all on my college list, and am looking to attend Baruch. I go to a competitive high school and since I'm out of state, and no one knows the school is, I've only been greeted with laughs and smirks, which makes me even more motivated to try hard.

What would I need to accomplish to get into ib? Does class load matter more since I do go to a non-target, or trying to get in more extracurriculars? If anyone has any general direction pointing tips, that would be immensely helpful

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May 16, 2018