How to Develop Modeling Skills for non-bankers

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I'm interested in some thoughts and ideas surrounding how to build modeling skills if you aren't an ex-banker. Reason is that I may be accepting an offer that will give me operational and deal experience at a high growth early stage oil company, but I want to be competitive for a PE role in 3-5 years. The main thing I will be lacking in vs analysts coming from a top 5 energy IB is deep modeling experience. While I would do quite a bit at this company, it wouldn't be near what an IB analyst would have done in 2 years.

So, that is why my question is directly aimed at modeling. I also would really value any thoughts on how to be more marketable in general to a PE fund coming from a non-IB role. I know CFA doesn't add much for PE but it wouldn't hurt if I had time. I can't think of a ton else though...

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May 16, 2014

How much are you looking to spend on acquiring modeling knowledge? It isn't really possible to acquire banking modeling experience without doing banking, but companies like Wall Street Prep, Breaking Into Wall-Street, Adkins Matchett & Toy, Training the Street, etc. all offer training programs for modelling. In fact, AMT, TTS, and maybe even WSP do the training program for incoming analysts at banks. I would suggest that you look into whether or not these fall into your price range and meet your objectives. I think WSP also has an industry-specific oil and gas modelling program which could be useful for you. Best of luck!

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May 17, 2014
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