I hate my current group & company

Before the vent, I don't take it as their problem. I take it as mine. The thing I should do and am doing is to GTFO to a meaningfully better place, at least in one of those aspects listed below:

  1. Pay is way below market. Think 50% below market when bonus is added into the conversation. MD dangles the carrot but hey, he doesn't deliver the promise.

  2. Politics. The VP is insecure as fuck and likes to play politics. VP was a nepotism hire and has had c. 0 valuable inputs during my ~1.5 years here.

  3. Learning. I don't think I'm learning anything. No modeling even in pitches because VP doesn't think it's a good idea to put in some illustrative DCF numbers. VP only understands P/E multiples. 

  4. MD over-promises. 

  5. Co-workers are incompetent in general. They are direct evidence of how people graduated from good, not great, universities can be incompetent fucks. 

I end up doing maybe 70% of work in my group and I get fake-deadlines constantly during weekends. 

For those who were in similar spots, how did you get through this shit? Obviously I am looking for exits ACTIVELY. Sorry for the caps but I am screaming inside for an exit. 

I interviewed with a good bank a while ago (Macquarie/Nomura type), but got turned down after the final round. In the process with a couple of buy-side research gigs. 

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Jan 13, 2022 - 10:49pm

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