If you interview with equities can you be placed with fixed income?

If you interview with equities at a BB can you be placed with Fixed Income or other divisions? From my understanding, S&T analysts are generally all placed together in one class and request their top choices. However, is there a class of all equities products analyst and a class of fixed income, etc.?


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Sep 8, 2008

if you interview for equities, you're going to end up in equities - some banks recruit for S&T as a whole (eg - BoA), and some recruit specifically for trading, or specifically for sales (eg - Barclays).

Sep 8, 2008

thanks a lot. any clue as to how Morgan Stanley does this?


  • aloki
  •  Sep 8, 2008

I disagree. If you show that you're particularly interested in equities and end up getting an offer... it'll probably be FOR equities. However, if they believe that your story and credentials would be a better fit in FI, then they may put you in that department.

Sorry, don't know about MS S&T in particular..

Sep 8, 2008

MS does equities and FI separately; I seem to remember equities interviews being divided into institutional and private client accounts, but I can't be sure.

you can definitely make a transfer within a bank (from equities to FI, or vice versa), but not within your orientation period, especially in these times.

Sep 8, 2008

you are right about that. institutional equities is a separate division from private clients

Sep 8, 2008