Imperial vs UCL vs Trinity vs Cass

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Hi everyone,

I am seeking some advice. I was fortunate enough to get offers from all 4 places but need to make a deposit within the next 3 weeks to secure a spot in one of them.

The programs that I got accepted into are:

MSc Finance at UCL
MSc Finance at Trinity College Dublin
MSc Investment and Wealth Management at Imperial
MSc Mathematical Trading and Finance at Cass.

My ultimate goal after graduation is to secure a placement on the investment banking or sales & trading graduate scheme. Which course do you believe will help me achieve my goal? I think it is important to note that I will be an international student ( not EU) in the UK, hence, might face some visa issues and am not sure how it might affect the decision making.

My background:
4 years of nontarget in the USA
internship in commercial banking in the USA and the UK
currently working for a financial services company in the USA and dealing with foreign investments

I know that my profile doesn't seem to be too strong for IB or Sales & Trading, however, some of my friends, who did the same internship in the UK, were able to secure IB jobs after completing masters, hence there is hope for me as well.

I would truly appreciate any feedback you can possibly give me. This website has helped me a lot during college and I hope you will share some of your wisdom with me now.


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Apr 16, 2019


Apr 16, 2019

I attended one of these master programs

I'd say that if you are more S&T Oriented then your best bet is:
1. Imperial (great course great placement and great program)
2. Cass (that one is a very good course)

UCL is target in S&T only for its Computational Finance/Financial Risk Management programs

For IB things are different, in this case I'd say:
1. Imperial (still there)
2. UCL

Ngl I have no idea about placement of Trinity College Dublin

Apr 16, 2019

Would you say UCL is better than Cass just for straight msc finance?

Apr 16, 2019