Imperial vs Warwick vs Bocconi vs RSM vs St.Gallen

Hi fellas!

I am getting closer to my GMAT exam and to choosing which business school to go to for my Masters in Finance.
I'd like to ask everyone who has previously attended or is a current student at either Imperial, Warwick, Bocconi, RSM or St.Gallen about their experiences. Also, if you're a recruiter, please share your experiences about the hiring process from these schools.

For students/alumni: What did it take for you to get in? How is the course content? Do you have good networking opportunities, and is your school a "target" uni for London based IB or fintech, asset management jobs? If you could go back, would you choose a different school? How about the city?

I don't want to just rely on rankings, I would like to hear experiences before I decide whether it is worth paying a lot of money for something like Imperial, or if I should go for the much cheaper RSM program, etc.

ALSO: do you know anyone who got into any of these schools with a 4-year Bachelor (2 years at a college to get an Associate level degree, + another 2 at a top 100 uni to get a "Bachelor's Top-up") ? I know it's kinda unique to get your Bachelor's like this, but in the end I will have a regular degree worth 180 ECTS.

If it helps, my profile:
GPA: Expected 9.8-10/12 from a top Danish University
GMAT: Expected 680-700
Work experience: 3 month internship in a retail bank in Hungary
Some volunteering, nothing fancy
No language test, since my Bachelor's is 100% in English

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!

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