Interesting reply from MD - Don't know what to do!

Whatsup monkeys,

I got an interesting case on my hands. So I recently cold e-mailed an MD at a BB. Yet, he only replied to me: "Please get him in the intern loop" while cc'ing a senior associate (I'm guessing who works for him).

So my question is what does this MEAN? And what should I do as I'm totally new to this cold stuff. Should I wait for another email maybe from the sr associate or should I say thanks (although I'm not quite sure what to say thanks on).

Any help on this would be awesome! Thanks guys.

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Jun 9, 2012

Send an short email thanking the MD, while saying you will get in touch with the SA. Ensure the SA is CC'd on the email. Follow up with an email to the SA asking for the next step in the process. Normally the SA should contact you in a few days. Good luck.

Jun 9, 2012

Are you doing a fall internship? Summer internship recruiting is over (January) and full-time recruiting doesn't start till Fall.

Jun 9, 2012

So I can assume that I will be getting some kind of internship/interview and thank the MD?

I actually kind of wanted to do an informational interview with him and get to know him and then spin it off to some sort of fall internship next year for summer analyst positions.

Thanks for the comments guys

Jun 9, 2012

Nice of him to reply. Half the MD's I actually used to work for used to ignore my emails.

Jun 9, 2012