Internal Wholesaler to S&T

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I am currently an internal wholesaler and wasn't to get into sales in S&T. Has anyone ever seen this done? or would I need an MBA to make the jump?

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May 30, 2018


May 31, 2018

come on....nothing?

May 31, 2018

If you work at a name fund that everybody knows I think its possible, but not that common due to lack of hiring in S&T right now and how structured junior level recruiting has become. Comes down to networking, but you have a very relevant background (licences, markets experience, + sales) people should be willing to talk to you.

May 31, 2018

the problem as i see it with wholesaling is that you re not coming up with ideas to generate alpha...and that is where the money is. You require less training than a fresh grad...but you don't come with ideas to pull money out of the market...and you don't have sales relationships that you can bring with its hard to distinguish your value proposition. Unless i'm wrong on these?

just google're welcome

Jun 1, 2018