Internship: FX Corporate Sales vs. Liquidity Management?

I'm currently an intern on a Cash Equities S&T desk at a BB. My plan was to intern on the FI desk as soon as my current internship ends, but they're closing their internship program. The FICC team at my bank has 3 remaining internships available:

FX Corporate Sales
Pro: most FO role out of the three
Con: sales, not trading. On the other hand, no intern is allowed to trade anyways; they mostly help sales, not trading (across all desks and banks in my country)

LMT (Liquidity Management)
Pro: Sit right next to FI traders
Con: MO role (Business Unit Manager told me it's a FO role)

How FO/MO is this role? Help me decide, this is the role's description from the head of LMT:

"Responsible for Risk Treasury product that combines various interest rate accrual revenues, including loans/deposits, money market, bonds, repo and mtm prop positions in bonds, fx swaps and irs. Active bond portfolio management. Liquidity management. Asset-Liability Management, ALCO member.
* Managing funding & gapping and strategic bond portfolio allocations. Risk taking in interest rates including bonds, IRSs and FX swaps.
* Liquidity Management and Money Market Trading
* Asset-Liability management
* Internal interest rates transfer pricing"

Business Unit Management
Not an option

My goal is to become a FICC trader. Which internship would suit my career goal best? Thanks!