Interview question: talk to me about a recent market trend

Hi everyone,

Wanted to know how you guys talk about this question in an interview? I know there is a bunch of stuff to talk about but what do you think is the best and most effective structure to answer this question with?

Also, what's a good resource to use to grab a topic from? Would love to know.


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Jun 12, 2019

Depends on the type of position you are applying to, but personally would talk about something reasonably macro (interest rates / trade wars / discussions around Brexit or other political situations) unless you have something very specific that you know much about. Then I would spin it to discuss how it would affect the bank / industry you are applying to. Shouldn't be too hard for most BBs since they have clients all over the place and must be impacted in some angle. For boutiques you can talk about how the trend would affect investing behavior.

Also curious how others would view this.

Jun 12, 2019

A recent trend I noticed is the decrease in the number of IPOs (obvious), but a slight various is an increase in the funds raised from IPOs. Yes, fewer companies are going public, but the market caps of the companies are larger. I'd investigate possible causes of this (increased VC/PE funding, more rounds of funding, more pre-IPO M&A, etc.) Also curious what the WSO community has to say.

Jun 12, 2019