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I currently work in the research side of a leading investment consultant (have been there for a little over 3 years) for endowments, foundations, private clients, and pensions, essentially helping formulate investment strategies for clients. Very top down, macro level stuff. I just passed L3 of the CFA (did the 3/3 December, June, June hat trick) and am eligible to receive my charter when my work experience hits 4 years.

Looking for some advice on how to transition to the buy side, as I realize this is pretty tough to do. My undergrad and master's degree were in Political Science/International Affairs, but I have a pretty interesting story on how this got me interested in investing and asset management (if i can get to the interview...). I've interviewed at a number of buy side jobs and have gotten decently far in the process for a few. I've taken WallStreetPrep modeling courses and am working on making up a few models of my own on a number of days now that the CFA studying is over. Other than that, I know I need to start networking my ass off, which admittedly I haven't done much of. I'm pretty involved in my local CFA society chaper, and would have no problem demonstrating I'm passionate about investing - I constantly read, listen to podcasts, etc. Would love to find a good value-oriented shop looking to give someone like me a shot on the research side.

Also have an elite MBA in the back of my mind (would apply next year and being two years from now). Is this a waste of money given I'll have my CFA charter? Given my affinity for value investing, if I can crush the GMAT I think CBS would be a great place to go. I have Philadelphia roots and would preferably like to end up in Philadelphia, so I think I might be able to sell Wharton on my story as well given application execution.

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Sep 3, 2018

MBA should work. What kind of an AM role are you hoping to get, specifically?

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Sep 3, 2018

Want to be on track to be a PM at a long only equity or hedge fund. I've interviewed for a few research associate jobs at long only equity funds, and have gotten through a round or two but ultimately have lost out to candidates with more applicable experience.

Having passed CFA L3 may help a bit, but it's a tough sell to get a firm to hire a 27 year old with no buy or sell side experience. I've asked around for advice, and have heard everything from "just network, you'll have the CFA charter in a few months, MBA is a waste" to what you're saying, that getting into Wharton/CBS/NYU will do, and might be the best path. I had a large athletic/academic scholarship for undergrad (non target liberal arts school in Philadelphia) and my master's was a relatively cheap degree, so not afraid of the debt.

Like I mentioned, I'm very drawn to value investing, am well read on the subject, and could somewhat persuasively pitch a stock if given time to prep.

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Jan 12, 2019

bump -- would love to hear people's advice on how poli-sci/IR majors can get into the AM space. thanks!

Jan 14, 2019
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