Is 1 Week Enough? (Series 63 & 79) - Full-Time Knopman Training Provided by BB

First time poster long time lurker long time 98 degrees enthusiast. I start full-time as an associate in July at a BB. We take our Series 63 and Series 79 exams in August. However, it does not look like Knopman comes in to train us until the week before we take those exams. They have instructed us to simply read the text without taking notes (no exams, no actual studying just reading to expose ourselves to the content).

**Is this enough prep? Should I follow the Knopman instructions or is it expected that we all will go above and beyond and prep thoroughly before we arrive. What has happened for those of you already working full time? **

Any idea if I can expect to come into training and get a quick debrief from Knopman to start studying in July before they actually come in an give us the class the week before the exam?

Thanks Yawl - We ouchea

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Jun 28, 2017

Not sure how your bank does it, but at mine, we just got the books and online tests. We took the 79 and then the 63 a month later.

I would read each book twice, making sure to take very detailed notes. Read your notes over once. Take a practice exam. Read your notes over again. Take a practice exam. If you're scoring in the upper 70s or low 80s at this point, you're good to go. One week combined for both exams is not enough time in my opinion.

Jun 28, 2017

The test is easy if you put the time in as it's basically memorization. Follow Knopman's program and you should be fine. That being said, I'm almost positive that plan involved taking notes and tests beforehand.

It's not a test you will fail as an associate, unless you blow it off. That being said, motivation for not being the one associate in your class is pretty significant.

Jun 28, 2017