Is asking a firm to evaluate a new cover letter risking looking incompetent?

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I recently applied for a Sophomore Rotational Program for a bank. However, I was quickly going through the online application to see what all I had to do, with the intent of going back, revisiting my answers, and making any necessary changes before submitting it. What ended up happening was there was no "Do you want to submit your application?" section. As soon as I reached the last page, it said, "Thank you for applying."

The problem here is my cover letter. I put on an unedited cover letter that I had planned on changing, but now I can't change it anymore. I don't consider the cover letter a bad one; it's just that the application asked me to answer two specific questions in my cover letter, and I really didn't answer either of them.

What should I do? The application deadline has not passed, but I can't make any changes to my submission. Would it be better to sit tight and hope that the firm only very briefly skims over my cover letter, or should I email the recruiter and explain my situation, risking looking incompetent?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jan 16, 2008

Cover letters are mostly irrelevant in the US. Not so across the pond, however, given the terminology you use, I am assuming you are applying for a US-based position.

As an aside I doubt a recruiter would have the know-how or the inclination to manipulate the back-end of an application system to allow you to edit your application. Sit tight and hope for the best.

Jan 16, 2008

Sit tight and don't worry about it. Would advise against calling HR to tell them about your mistake.

Jan 17, 2008