Is It Time to Start Crying For Argentina? Is Ronaldo Better Than Messi?

In the WSJ article, It's Time to Start Crying for Argentina, claims Messi was a virtual bystander as Argentina moves to the brink of World Cup elimination.

The loss, coupled with a 1-1 draw in its opener against Iceland--in which Messi missed a penalty to secure a win--leaves Argentina facing an uphill battle to reach the knockout round. Croatia has already advanced from Group D and depending on other results, Iceland could need only a draw in the final round of games to reach the round of 16.

On the other hand in Portugal's first match, Ronaldo scored the first hat trick of the tournament. In Portugal's 2nd game, Ronaldo scored a goal, leading Portugal to a win and making him the highest scoring player of this World Cup tournament.

This brings in the discussion again. Who is better, Ronaldo or Messi? In my opinion, a few games doesn't mean much of anything. I always thought Messi was the best "FOOTBALLER" while Ronaldo was the king of stats.

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Jun 22, 2018

People always get hyped about the performance of a player in 2-3 matches. Everyone has different metrics but overall I think it's hard to argue who is better. In this WC Ronaldo for sure but then again in 2006 Grosso was considered world class when he did very little outside that WC.

Jun 22, 2018

Ronaldo is the better player and the bigger difference-maker. There is no point denying this.

Messi is a great footballer, but he needs great players around him to set him up to shine. That's what he has in Barcelona, and he is brilliant there. He does not have that in the Argentina squad and yet everybody expects him to carry the whole team.
Conversely, Ronaldo is always the biggest star for Portugal, and is always able to carry the team without the star players around him he has in Real Madrid.

Argentina sucked yesterday. No willpower, no skill, no creativity. It was horrible. But great to see Croatia getting the most out of their talent.

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Jun 22, 2018

Messi is obviously a phenomenal talent but I think it shows he needs good players around him he can work with which I mean is what football is all about, it's a team game.

But Ronaldo is able to make a difference on his own, he can step up and produce miracles and really read situations incredibly well.

This in my opinion makes him better. For all his polish and media look, he is that gritty player who you'd rather have out there on a rainy Tuesday night all alone and can make something happen even when the rest of the team isn't working around him. He's a phenomenal athlete, he's incredibly skilled and his football intelligence is second to none. He's a joy to watch.

Ronaldo > Lebron - let's discuss this instead.

Jun 23, 2018

Bump bump? Why do all you American fucks hate soccer? Is it because you suck and couldn't qualify?

Ronaldo > daylight > tom Brady.

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Jun 22, 2018


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Jun 23, 2018

I really don't think they can be compared. Each of them are great. People might say Ronaldo is better just because he's playing really well this world cup. But if we look at the previous world cup where was Portugal and where was Argentina? Argentina was the finalist and it was Messi who carried them there.

So both players are great and instead of arguing over who is better let us just enjoy this rivalry for as long as it lasts.

Jun 24, 2018