Is King's College London a decent semi?

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I got offers from both King's and Warwick for Law. I firmed King's instead of Warwick (I'm mostly interested in pursuing a career in commercial law and King's seems to place significantly better in that field, nearly tying it out with UCL and only behind LSE and Oxbridge, which is pretty impressive). However, I still want to keep my options open and since commercial law and IB don't differ that drastically, I don't want to rule IB out. That's why I made this thread.

Does King's place well in both BB's and EB's? Where does it place particularly well and where does it do poorly? Thus far I've been using LinkedIn as a source and it does honestly seem pretty decent compared to some other semis (it has good numbers at GS and JPM and a couple of EB's like Lazard.).

I've also heard it straight from the horse's mouth (both an analyst and a recruiter at GS) that being a semi doesn't mean you're disadvantaged against a graduate from a target if you have similar/better academics and experience and that what being targeted really boils down to is exposure (presentations, insight days etc.), which targets get way more of. The vast consensus is different from what I can tell, though, so I took that with a grain of salt. Not sure what the case is.

Also, would you advise against ever trying to get into IB if I'm not that committed to it at this stage?

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Sep 2, 2019