Is Oaktree considering a hedge fund?

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I'm just starting to learn more about the industry - I'm sure it's obvious from my question. For some reason, I always thought Oaktree is a hedge fund. This morning however, I overheard a few people mentioning Oaktree, but as a private equity firm. Which one is it?

Do excuse me for the newbie question.

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Sep 3, 2019

They are an alternative investment manager - OAK manages various types of funds from traditional long only accounts to locked up capital in drawdown/callable (i.e. PE-style) vehicles. I suggest you first spend more time learning about an industry before asking such questions.

Sep 3, 2019

Very well. Thank you. Which funds are solely (or mostly) distressed funds? I know Aurelius, Oaktree, Elliot, etc are active in distressed investing, but are there any who do just that?

Sep 3, 2019