Is this a MO or FO job?


Need some insights in below job description, this is within custody & fund service. Is this FO or more MO position?

Business Overview & Role Description:
The Americas Custody Cash Product Manager will be responsible for product definition and financial performance of the payments and cash management offering across Custody and Fund Services as well as the Agency Clearing, Collateral Management and Execution business (which are generally the sources of the cash balances). The scope of this role will cover the North and South America businesses. Importantly, the Cash Product Manager will work closely with the Product Control team, regional Risk, Compliance, Treasury Services, Asset Management, and Corporate Treasury who are the key partners in the delivery of this product.

Support the implementation of the strategic program to deliver payment and cash management services in the Americas for CFS clients
Support, development, implementation, and management of the cash management operating model and account structure for non-treasury supported markets including supporting free cash, 3rd party FX, and other payment products
Collaborate the team to help drive the investment initiative, NBIA and OCC processes for emerging markets
Ensure client service issues around cash management processes in emerging markets are prioritized and resolved.
Support the ongoing development of the cash strategy and requirements for infrastructure required for both the global custody business and the sub-custody business
Requires close coordination with the Treasury Services, Banking Operations, CFS Middle Office divisions of CIB, which are responsible for the cash management and cash payments infrastructure for the firm, including all investments and development efforts related to that infrastructure
Support Ad-hoc research and resolution of daily issues, data requests, reporting requirements, as well as regulatory requests

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Jun 17, 2018

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No promises, but maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: @sarah732 @grodzilla @valuationGURU

Hope that helps.

Jun 21, 2018

Middle office.

Jun 21, 2018

Sounds more like back office to me.

Jun 21, 2018

Super back office.

Jun 21, 2018