Help: Accept a MM PE position in the Middle Office or Remain in Big-4 Valuations? Best Path to the Front Office?

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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to get some commentary and/or generate a discussion on my current dilemma.

Background: I am a second year associate within a valuation practice at one of the big 4 accounting firms, with a focus on M&A, Portfolio Valuation, and Alternative Asset Valuation. I graduated from a top 15 undergraduate business school in 2013, and passed the CFA level 1 exam this pass December.

Goal: my goal is to gain admittance into an associate program at a respected MM PE firm on a track to become a LP.

Dilemma: I recently received an offer to join a well respected MM PE firm in their middle office. I would report directly to the deal team and investor relations, and be responsible for LP pitch books and PC valuations.

Decision: given the dilemma, and my experience I have determined two potential "paths" to reach my long term goal, both with their own recognized uncertainties:

1. Accept the position - which will help me gain direct exposure to the PE industry and the specific firm. After attending an MBA program, hopefully return to the firm as an investment professional.

2. Earn admittance into an IB analyst program by attending a one year MSF program or through networking.

What is everyone's opinion? Which path will provide less of an uphill battle towards my long term goal? Any productive (including criticism if warranted) is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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Mar 12, 2015

Lateral to an IB analyst position.

Mar 16, 2015


Mar 16, 2015