Isaiah Joins the Kings Court in Cleveland

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As many of you probably saw yesterday the Celtics and Cavaliers completed a huge trade that will only intensify their rivalry.

The Celtics acquired the star they were looking for after striking out on Jimmy Butler and Paul George in Kyrie Irving.

The Cavs got a huge haul in star guard Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, promising prospect Ante Zizic, and Brooklyn's highly coveted 1st round pick.

Thomas is coming off a serious hip injury so the move carries some risk for the Cavs. However, when healthy Thomas has been one of the best offensive guards in the league. Thomas wasn't the only headline in this deal as Jae Crowder is a solid pickup for the Cavs. Not only is he a versatile player that will help the Cavs matchup better against the Warriors, but he's on an incredibly team friendly deal. The Brooklyn pick is the icing on the cake and will assist the Cavs in trading for a star or adding a top prospect in the draft.

With all the speculation that Lebron could leave Cleveland next summer this deal helps ensure the fans in Cleveland that they won't be building up from ground zero like they did when he left in 2010. Given all that's gone on in Cleveland this offseason a solid move like this should make Lebron very happy with the new front office.

Where does Cleveland go from here in trying to persuade Lebron to stay? Is Kyrie the right fit in Boston? What are your thoughts on the deal and it's fallout?

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Aug 27, 2017

Looks like the Cavs want another asset but Celtics don't want to give up much more, so this may not even go down

Aug 30, 2017