Jobs within E&Y not directly involving Accounting

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MBA student with concentrations in Supply Chain and Finance-Investments. Would love to work in IB or a Hedge one day. I know a family friend who is a partner at E&Y. He told me to contact him regarding a possible internship but I despise Accounting. Any recommendations? Culture of E&Y for non-accountants? Opportunities within E&Y for non-accountants?

Thanks guys.

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Oct 31,2013

No offense, but you can't really work in IB or a HF if you "despise" accounting.

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Oct 31,2013

If you have no previous experience, it will be very difficult to break into non-accounting roles (i.e. corporate finance - E&Y's version of Ibanking). If you dislike accounting, you will never be able to work in Transaction Advisory or the like.

E&Y may have a supply chain consulting group, but it will hardly lead you to IB or a HF role.

Oct 31,2013

OP, packmate is right. You will always need to know some basic (and not so basic) accounting in any finance field, but if by you despise accounting you mean you despise auditing or doing taxes, then you should be okay.

There are other groups at EY including consulting (this is not the same as Deloitte or even PwC consulting, but better than most of the EY Advisory lines. Specifically, confirming peinvestor's comment, there is a supply chain consulting group at EY, but I don't know much else about it. It likely won't lead to IB if you're already in an MBA program. There is TAS which is finance related and if you're in the Valuations group you will learn some good transferable skills.

However, EY is a great firm. Post MBA you could make decent coin or set yourself up for something better. However, if you want IB and you're already doing MBA, ignore EY or grab an internship in TAS Valuations.

Oct 31,2013

You need a pretty good background in accounting if you're going to a long/short equity HF or an IB

Oct 31,2013

Appreciate it guys. Might have misspoke with the "despise" above but yes auditing doesn't interest me. Internships or best paths to a HF?

Oct 31,2013