Jop Hopping Pre MBA, Working in VC

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Hi everyone, I'm wondering how much pre mba job hopping will impact me looking for a job post mba and how much it will impact my chances of even getting into an mba.

I basically went: undergrad science > BB risk 2 years > MM Corp fin 1 year > science focused VC 6 months

I'm wondering if that's already enough to put most people off.

To complicate matters, I'm close to an offer at a much larger science focued VC and would still like to do an mba at some point. Would I be better just sticking around at the current VC if I wanted an mba? (The other one is much more established). Post mba I basically want to work in the same field.

Reason for getting an mba is 2 years essentially off / partying and to return with a stronger network and hopefully be on a partner track.

Any thoughts more than welcome.

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Jan 25, 2018