JR. Operations Analyst Interview Tomorrow

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Hey all, new WSO member here...

I have a Junior Operations Analyst interview tomorrow at a relative value/emerging markets hedge fund in Midtown NYC.

What types of questions should I be expecting (this is a first round interview that I landed through a high school alumni group) , they are nearing the end of the candidacy process so I was fit in immediately which I think could be a positive. -- I should add, I do not have any prior experience working within a hedge fund, this is an entry-level junior role.

Here is an excerpt from the brief job description:
In this role, you will gain knowledge of a wide variety of operational and accounting processes inside a hedge fund. You will have full oversight of confirmation matching, trade processing into in-house risk monitor and repurchase agreement confirmations, pre-matching and fails management for fixed income trades. You will also process margin calls and associated collateral payments, complete daily funding of our custody accounts and daily reconciliation of cash and stock positions with administrators.

This is a junior role requesting no more than 2 years' experience. You must be proficient in Excel and have a desire to take ownership of the educational process.

Any and all help is really appreciated! Thanks everyone

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Apr 10, 2018