Landed a job in RE, now how do I make the most of it?

As the title says, I landed my first job at a private real estate investor as an "Acquisitions analyst in training."  I worked my ass off networking, teaching myself the lingo, and taking the Justin Kivel Courses (love that guy <3 ) 

Now I want to ask you what steps I can take to really maximize my experience? Assuming my firm won't make more than 2 acquisitions a year, I'm not going to get crazy deal experience like at a big shop. I still want to make the most this experience so please leave a comment about what advice you would give someone just starting out.

Books? Networking? Hard skills / Soft skills? 

What kind of things would you have liked someone to tell you when you were just starting out?

My career goals for this industry are to get experience in the value-add space then go into debt placement or IS. One day I think I would like to roll the dice and do development. Of course, I'm young and open to wherever the wind takes me. I'm not about to outline my hard 2-3-5 year plans just yet. Leave the sh*t in the IB forum. 

Might have to change my username after finding sweet sweet employment. getmeajob.exe out. 

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