I just landed a ER role summer analyst role with Guggeneheim in NYC. I am from a non-target and got lucky with this job as I failed on the few opps I created with IB from networking. I enjoy investing and feel its a good fit; however, I would like to entertain lateraling into IB. I want some insight on Exit opps for this position and also plausible laterals strategies. Thanks in advance. Also feedback on this specific role. Is it solid? The offer was very good, but Im worried about missing out on the lucrative bonuses in IB.

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Girlfriend worked in IB at Guggenheim in NYC and two of my best friends worked in ER there as well.

I do ER at a different bank but the person whose spot I filled lateraled being an ER associate to an IB associate at a well-known bank.

Your base is probably very similar to banking but your bonus will be lower. However, you'll actually manage to get some sleep and/or spend your money since you wont be working 8am-4am workdays.

Most common ER exit ops are typically buy-side roles (by far), investor relations, or continuing on as an analyst/senior analyst within a particular industry vertical. Less common (and a bit more difficult given skill-set mismatches) but still possible laterals are IB, executive positions in industry (after along time becoming an industry expert within a field), consulting, etc.

If you're set on IB but don't have any IB options ER at Guggenheim should open a lot of doors if you work hard, are diligent, and use the opportunity to develop your network.

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