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Any insights on what LEK interviews are like? Number of rounds, types of cases (focus on market sizing, strat, tons of math?) What is behavioral like? What sort of candidates do they look for? (are they largely skeptical that you will apply to MBB, do they like super finance people?)

Are there any key differentiators or LEK? (work on 2 projects at a time, tons of travel, etc.)

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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Aug 10, 2010

I assume you got a first round for the Boston office, I just got dinged from there (probably the worst I've felt ever haha).

LEK recruits from a lot of prestigious schools but the recruiter told me that they did so well during the downturn that they're planning on hiring 6-8 new entry-level associates and that they granted interviews to non-targets (like me).

Very little travel and almost non-existent for lower level members, think 1 day a week for managers and consultants. Very short projects 4-6 weeks but plenty of hours are needed (60-70 a week).

Interviews consisted of a 1st round phone interview w/ one associate pre-mba and one post-mba and final round in office with 2 managers and 1 partner (VP).

1st round: The pre-mba for me was a fit/market sizing case (how many ups trucks in U.S.) relatively straight forward, I did it in a demand way and household way which I guess scored extra points but prob unnecessary, the rest was just the typical 'do u have q's for me'.

the post-mba was a short background about yourself, no more than 5 and then a case. the case I had was if we should enter a new industry, really straightforward as long as you ask good questions about 20 or so minutes for this and then the typical 'q's for me?' type.

*note both my interviewers had finance backgrounds, I guess it's cuz LEK does a lot of PE and finance strategy so it'd be good to know basic finance stuff if your a finance major.

final round: 3-30 min interviews, same format but the market sizing case was all quantitative. An example: how much revenue does a arena generate during the championship NBA series. Then he'd ask for more math to be done like, taking half and adding a premium to it for a secondary market or asking if there isn't full capacity. It wasn't hard math but you definitely should be comfortable with multiplying large sums and getting percentages(those zeroes!) and expect him to keep asking you to dig deeper.

Fit Qs: Why LEK, why consulting, what do you do for fun, what is something that if you were to tell me about yourself today that I'd find interesting, tell me about yourself, favorite movie.

technical questions: i have a finance/econ background so my interviewer actually asked me stuff like how to calculate terminal value and the discount rate and econ questions like where are interest rates heading and how do you feel about inflation.

the cases for the final round were pretty straight forward too, make sure though that if one interviewer has a long story for the case then he's just weeding out details you don't need and expects you to just hone in on one problem.

good luck! practice is the key!

Mar 10, 2011

In terms of the interview process for graduates in the London HQ for 2011/2012 entry, the format is detailed here:

Very much like the above post; two 45 minute interviews with different L.E.K Consultants. Both interviews are the same format; they include a number of competency questions, brain teasers and case study questions. You are being assessed on your problem solving abilities, fit and motivation to work at L.E.K..

Good luck to everyone applying to LEK!

Mar 11, 2011

This info is extremely welcome. LEK looks great but the only problem is that I have a feeling they won't consider me for a consultant position given my background and the fact that they have a specific program for life science specialists.

Mar 13, 2011

Lot of market sizing questions.

Mar 13, 2011

Don't assume it's a ding yet - they got back to me 5 days after the final rounds with an offer.

Mar 13, 2011

'Ain't a ding till HR sings' I always say! All the best...

Mar 13, 2011

if that were the case, id still be on hold with like 20 firms lol...its a ding man

Mar 13, 2011